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Flint – The off Broadway play that Eason has been getting loads of press time finally opened and had crowds dancing in the aisles.
   “It was fun, it was really fun,” Eason told Good Morning America. “I prepared and did my best. It knew it would be an extraordinarily impressive show.”
   Mayor Bionca Kilgore released a statement saying that she would be attending the show, days later adding that it was one of her all time favorites.
   “Why wouldn’t it be? Yes, it’s a show full of white folk. But I am supporting my Muffet. The rest were aight too.” Kilgore candidly told ABC12.
   With odd dance numbers, people backhanding others, and people getting parties in their pants, one would think that Footloose would be one of the best shows to ever hit Kearsley’s prestigious stage.
    The dance numbers in themselves are something to awe at…well more like admire the people that subject themselves.
   “Yes! I made the dance things sexually charged, because I am a sexually charged lady!” Rike Wolfe shouted at reporters, “If you missed me, then tough luck you stupid prudains!”
   Eason received many compliments on her part in “Heaven Help Me” during the gym scene.
      Most of the leads had microphones, but Eason did not. However, when the time came, almost everyone said that they could hear Eason above everyone else, “Yeah, that was strange,” Eason said, “But it’s a compliment, so that makes me very happy.”
     And happy she was. So happy that she signed on to be featured in Kearsley’s next fall play and the spring musical. Rumors are swirling on both fronts.
     The fall play genre has been confirmed by Mrs. Blakemore that it will most certainly be a comedy. Which of course, delights the students. As for the spring musical, some have said that they are considering doing Chicago.
     “Chicago would be so great. I just can’t even begin to explain.” Eason said to the paparazzi.
     “It would a treat. I would quit track for sure, but the burning question in my mind is the character choices,” said Brad Gilligan, “I mean, who’d be the lawyer? Keep in mind I can’t sing well. And Jeromy is the perfect geek, and the rest can’t sing. Thus, we have a dilemma.”
But now that her off-Broadway stint is under wraps for this year, Eason is focusing on her endeavors for the summertime.
     “No, I will not be doing any movies for some time. That’s something that’s been done and I want to put that on the back burner,” Eason reported. “For the summer, I will be promoting my clothing line Ghettocrombie&Bitch, my perfume line (new scents include: Trick-licious, Pimp My B.O, and I’m sucker for some Bloods.), and I might just join the second tour of Just Got Back. But I would also like to focus on giving back to the community. Also, I think I might make a reality show.”
     Eason actually will be joining the sequel tour now called “The Greatest Damned Tour Ever.” And to live up to it’s name it includes elaborate performances by: Justin Timberlake, Ciara, OutKast, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani, Busta Rhymes with The Pussycat Dolls, and last and certainly least – G Unit. **

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