The Ghetto Times --- Only Fitty Cents.

"Back seat, windows up.. that's the way we like to ----!"

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The Ghetto Times started as a joke between two students in the Fall of 2003. It quickly morphed into an underground newspaper that possibly every "thug" student at Kearsley High became an avid reader. Now, it once again has upgraded to higher standards, this time on the humble Livejournal. This way, students won't need to pass the newspaper around, in fear of getting it snatched, and it also conserves paper!
But let it be known that mostly everything in The Ghetto Times is fictional and thought up solely by it's only staff member, Bradley Gilligan (his street cred name is bRad or B-rad. The spelling of it varies, but the point stays the same.) Most of the articles are centered around the world famous Tara Ann Eason and various celebrities. In reality, she's not famous - she's just a semi-ghetto lass who's currently awaiting her fall term at the glorious Kearsley High.
Anyways, Mr. bRad is in hopes of someday having a second employee and also would like the public to know that any new reader is welcome. So encourage your friends. That about does it for now, keep it poppin' hoes.